Sunday, April 26, 2009

La Moda del Noche

My first night time post AND my first real close up! Spend the night eating good food and celebrating with good people. I just always love a good excuse to dress up and put some heels on. This is one of my favorite dresses right now because its really versatile-I can wear it day or night.
Ive also been on a two month hunt so far looking for a good ring. I want silver, chunky, and preferably one that extends over my knuckle..but I made do with a couple from TJMaxx.
and I always comment on the weather but I just cant help it- its 90 today!!
-f21 dress, urban studded belt, old navy wedges, TJMaxx rings


hanna said...

you look great and im guilty of always commenting on the weather too! hahaha :D

Nika said...

pretty dress

She's Dressing Up said...

Such a gorgeous dress! It looks lovely with the heels too

Joelyne said...

great dress!!! ♥ it!


sarah said...

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xo.... sarah