Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vintage Acquisition

Starting off on the right foot always helps. This weekend started with exploring this new vintage skirt. It gave me that classy academic feeling that makes me want to sit down to the books and learn.. Except 1) wrong time during the week to feel like that and 2) I wore it to family dinner instead.
You'll have to be forgiving while I get used to being on the opposite side of the camera. I'm always on the taking side, rather than the being taken side. Which reminds me, I've promised a few people I would get some of my photography work up.
And a small fore warning, I'm going a little plaid/checker crazy so you are going to see some more soon.

-NY&Co. blouse
-Vintage Skirt
-Target tights
-F21 Mimi Cage Heels


Anonymous said...

The skirt is fabulous! Where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

The heels are out of this world, I love vintage skirts, where can one get that cloth?
Keep posting please.

Marie-Louise said...

Thanks a lot! I actually found this skirt snooping around in my moms closet..shes has some nice pieces!