Friday, March 27, 2009

This Beautiful Life

Alright maybe you cant tell from the picture but I PROMISE today was one of the most beautiful days this year so far. It was warm, sunny and I swear there was happiness just floating in the air. I got off campus and did some investigating. I checked out Queen of Hearts downtown and I think I will try and get a couple of my pieces in there (only after I have properly documented them and taken a few pictures :)) I also made a dutiful trip to Urban- which I honestly can say I could spend way to much money there right now. I also went by American Apparel. It was my first trip there- so I wanted to see if it was all that I had made it out to be. They are definitely a place to go for those comfortable basics.
So my next task- ill try and get some better pictures for putting up on here- Ive been so focused on making good prints for my black and white class that Ive had not time to play around with this digital.
This weekend should be fun- more pictures to come.

-Urban drainpipes, Topshop sneakers, gap tank, old navy sweater, vintage pin/clasp

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