Monday, March 30, 2009

Step Dance

The art of making your legs appear longer than what they really are. High heels and the right angle seem to do the trick for my shorter 5'5 frame. I'm training myself to wear heels more often. I wore them out to dinner but my goal is to wear heels all day (yes including class..but clearly excluding my workouts..) before Easter break. Wearing heels do not only have to be saved for those special occasions or for weekend nights- if you find the right pair- they can be comfortable enough to wear anytime. Its up to your outfit to dress it up or dress it down. I opted for the casual look with the heels. These are from H&M- unbelievable comfortable!
-H&M wedges, Urban drainpipes, Areo tank, Zara Blazer, Fishbone leather jacket, Urban scarf, Marc by Marc Jacob leather bag

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Anonymous said...

The shoes are to die for!